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World Authority in Separation Technologies

Eriez HydroFlow Superfiltration Systems

SuperFiltration Systems with continuously regenerating filtering media provide superior consistent performance, higher energy efficiency and lower lifetime cost for your filtering needs.

Media Free Vacuum Filtration - Eriez HydroFlow Star Filter

Eriez' innovative HydroFlow Star Filter is a patented, automatic system using a centrifugal pump to draw liquid through a permanent media element with an optional feed of cellulose filter-aid for extra fine filtration.

Eriez HydroFlow Comat SuperFiltration Systems

Eriez HydroFlow and Milan, Italy-based Comat S.r.l. have partnered to bring SuperFiltration to North America.

Eriez HydroFlow Comat SuperFiltration Systems are increasingly applied to automatic lathe units to filter oil recovered from chips centrifugation, from the periodic emptying of the tanks and for the oil used at high pressure for the drilling process. Today, more than 20,000 machine-tools of the most important manufacturers use our technology worldwide, with more than 530,000 US gallons of metalworking oil Superfiltered every minute.

Remote Monitoring & Optimization

Superfiltration systems can be monitored and controlled by:

  • Onboard Control Panel
  • Remote PCs
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

With our remote app, it is possible to monitor our Superfiltration Systems in real time and immediately choose an Adaptive Optimization Cycle to meet different daily working conditions of machine tools.

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