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Equipment for E-Scrap Processing Facilities

Eriez offers a wide variety of magnetic separators and material handling solutions for electronic scrap. Eriez has solutions for the recovery of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from E-Scrap.

Suspended Permanent Magnets

Suspended above a conveyor, these powerful magnets remover steel from conveyed materials with deep burden depths. Typically used to remove damaging tramp metals to protect downstream equipment.

  • No operating costs
  • Simple installation
  • Self-cleaning models available

Magnetic Drum In-Housings

  • Choice of agitating field to provide a cleaner ferrous; a radial field for maximum recovery
  • Aluminum flanges with side skirts
  • Heavy duty sealed or greaseable bearings
  • Available in ceramic, rare earth or alnico models

Magnetic Pulleys

This magnet replaces the head pulley on a conveyor, attracting and holding the ferrous metal to the belt achieving very effective separation.

  • Self-cleaning, low cost operation
  • 8 to 36-inch diameters
  • 12 to 72-inch widths
  • Available in permanent and electromagnet construction
  • Ideal for high speed, heavy burden depths and hard-to-separate materials

Eddy Current Separators

Separates nonferrous materials using Rare Earth magnets arranged into a super high-speed rotor producing repelling eddy currents. Typically, used to separate UBCs, aluminum, brass and copper.

  • Separates aluminum and other NF metals
  • Up to 80-inch widths
  • REV Xe eccentric rotors
  • Concentric rotors for PET
  • Quick Ship models available

Brute Force Feeders

Single-mass mechanical feeder with twin rotary motors well suited for heavy impacting applications. Their simple design makes them reliable, easy-to-repair and handle shock loading well.

  • Low cost units
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good for heavy impacting

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