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SlamJet™ Spargers

Proven in thousands of flotation applications.




SlamJet™ Spargers

The Sparging Factor - Improving the operating efficiency of flotation columns, leach tanks and other processes that depend on the generation of fine gas bubbles

In mineral flotation applications, Eriez Flotation SlamJet sparging systems promote the attachment and recovery of hydrophobic particles through the generation of a fine bubble dispersion that is evenly distributed across the flotation column. Eriez Flotation sparging systems are designed to generate a large amount of bubbles at the optimum size for the given application. Specifically, they are designed to generate high rates of bubble surface area which guarantees a high probability of attachment and improved recoveries. In leaching and other hydrometallurgical applications, SlamJet; spargers improve the process kinetics of the vessel contents by ensuring a high rate of gas dissolution.


SlamJet spargers are designed for and used with Eriez Flotation systems, and they are also easily retrofitted to improve the performance of other flotation columns.


Key reasons why Plant Operators worldwide choose the Eriez Flotation SlamJet sparging systems:

Low Maintenance - Simple design, wear resistant, long operating life

In-Situ Removal - Doesn’t require draining the flotation column or system shut-down

Automatic Shut-Off - Slams shut on supply gas failure preventing the process fluid from backing up into the sparger tube and gas supply lines

Single Large Bore Orifice - Virtually eliminates plugging or fouling



• SlamJet Sparger

• Liquid Tight Seal

• Hose Kit

An Insertion Port Assembly and Manifold Isolation Kit are optionally available for new flotation
column installations. Insertion port assemblies enable the SlamJet sparger to be quickly and
easily removed on-line for maintenance or replacement without draining the flotation column
or shutting down the process.



SlamJet Spargers - The Sparging Factor - Improving the operating efficiency of flotation columns, leach tanks and other processes that depend on the generation of fine gas bubbles.

Sparging Systems for Leaching - Eriez SlamJets for leaching applications have many benefits over traditional methods of injecting gas to achieve desired dissolved oxygen levels in leach circuits.

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The SlamJet Sparging System Is The Most Cost Effective Injection System For Leaching Processes - The SlamJet may be used to raise DO levels in the leach or adsorption tanks. Millions of micro bubbles produced by the spargers ensure rapid transfer of oxygen to the pulp. The SlamJet gas sparging system has proven to be highly effective in producing the optimally sized bubbles required for maximising oxygen mass transfer rates.


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